Uncontested Divorce in Georgia: How to Resolve Your Divorce without a Fight

Dan uncontested divorce is the easiest, quickest and least expensive way to get a divorce in Georgia. In the State of Georgia, dissolution of marriage can be brought about by an uncontested divorce. This is convenient as well as cheaper for couple involved. Any married couple at the brink of divorce should consult a Georgia divorce lawyer for advice regarding the type of divorce to file for. If divorcing couple has no real assets, joint possessions, no children in the union, and moreover if they have no accusations against each other than looking at life differently, they are advised to opt for an uncontested divorce.

In the State of Georgia, a person who files for divorce is the petitioner, and the person who is supposed to respond is the respondent. Georgia has more than 150 counties and the divorce is filed in the Superior Court here. A divorce is uncontested if the respondent does not respond or if both concerned parties reach an agreement regarding all kinds of issues like child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, asset, liability division and distribution etc. Ideally, spouse who files for divorce should be a resident of Georgia State for a minimum of six months. The spouse can file for action in the county of residence. A non resident spouse may also file for divorce against a resident (minimum six months) but action has to be filed in respondent’s county of residence.

Uncontested divorce is more advantageous than contested divorces. They cost less since majority of lawyers bill by the hour and uncontested divorces are quick. The lawyers do not have to spend lots of time dividing assets (car, house, etc), liabilities (unpaid bills, etc), decide on child custody, and make visitation arrangements, etc. Mostly divorces involving children and which are contested require small and simple hearings and even trial before a judge. All this is avoided in an uncontested divorce. Thus billable hours are drastically reduced and this could be the reason that most divorce lawyers in Georgia charge a flat fee for an uncontested divorce.

Children have an easier time with an uncontested divorce. Parents decide and plan together, particulars related to child custody, visitation arrangements etc. Children adjust to the transition better in this case. Mostly, such a divorce does not go to trial and is over without hearings and discovery motions. It takes just about a month for the Final Decree and many a time the couple does not even have to make an appearance in court. All that is required is that a judge signs the final decree.

Couples considering uncontested divorce in Georgia should consult a divorce lawyer to make sure whether it is ideal for their situation as well as ensure that their rights are protected.

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