Keeping an engagement ring after divorce is a huge sentimental issue, as it brings back memories of what once seems like a symbol of lifetime love, which is now presented as a symbol of dreams demolished and disappointed.

So ask yourself why keep the engagement ring when you can divorce your engagement ring? Do you still have doubts about divorcing your ring? You shouldn’t! This is because you gain nothing from displaying or keeping an unused engagement ring on a nightstand or in a jewelry box somewhere.

This article actually aims to highlight the benefits you will derive from trading up your diamond and jewelry after a divorce. After all you actually gained pleasure from the dazzling diamond when it was presented to you, why not still gain pleasure from it by giving it up for sale.

What to Do with my Engagement Ring after Divorce

You need to realize that trading up your diamond after a divorce secures your future. Once you decide to sell the ring you may use the money to fund a new business, get a new apartment, or fund a vacation for yourself. That really sounds good isn’t it?

Traditionally, it’s ok for the woman to keep the ring after a divorce but if the need to divorce your engagement ring arises, you might need to go online to trade up your diamond jewelry for reasonable and nice cash within a short duration.

You shouldn’t feel bad at all about trading up your engagement ring for cash, unless you are emotionally attached to it and reluctant to let go of it. If this is the case, you need some time to assess the situation by analyzing the reasons why you may be emotionally attached to it. Are the reasons worthy enough for you to hang on to the engagement ring?

The answer will likely be NO, but it’s ok to hold on to it a bit longer till you are ready to let go of it because the truth is diamonds are indeed valuable and you will gain a lot by trading it up for money.

As stated earlier you stand to gain a lot by divorcing your engagement ring because you will no longer be reminded of your ex and you will be able to fund new projects and start your life afresh.

Now that we have overcome the emotional aspect, let’s examine some benefits of divorcing your ring and agreeing to trade up your diamond jewelry after divorce.

  • You may use the cash gotten from the sale of your diamond to fund a vacation you have always desired but put off till later. This is the time to have fun and let go of all negative emotions.
  • Divorcing your engagement ring could also get you a new car, how about that? Money gotten from the trade up of your diamond jewelry could be used to fund a new car.
  • You may now be able to afford a down payment on a house you desire or probably you want to remodel an old one. All these are now possible with the finances gotten from the sale of your diamond ring.
  • You may plan a honeymoon with your new husband from the money, amusing right? But interesting. Is there anything sweeter than an act of rewarding revenge?
  • Since the engagement ring is the most dazzling financial asset you own why not invest the money from its sale into a retirement account for yourself or college fund for your children.

Making decisions regarding divorce from an engagement ring is really a personal one as it regards, on some occasion the heart. You need to be sensible about it because its value cannot be underestimated. It all really lies on you.


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